What My Mother Would Always Do

October 27, 2009

This past weekend turned up many lovely surprises and memories, and Sunday was no exception.

Timothy’s mother was traveling out of town and as my mother has passed away it is often a quiet and reflecting day.

We were kindly invited by a friend of ours to spend the day with his family, who we are very fond of- we enjoy our time with them, but this time I discovered something new and unexpected.

It all started simple enough with beers and cocktails by the pool as we soaked up some delightful sun rays. The children were playing in the pool and then someone near us out of no where brings a box of Popsicles for us all. Wow, I couldn’t remember the last time I had the old fashioned Popsicle! I had to indulge.

Then another treat appeared- our friends had brought cigars to share with us for a lovely afternoon together. I do love a nice cigar as I find them very relaxing, and it is an even greater experience when you have the friends to enjoy them with.nOne of the neighbors was very surprised by this, and said “I’ve never met a lady who enjoyed cigars before!”

To which my friend answered, “Teresa is a very unique lady- which is why we like her!”

As we finished our cigars we returned to the house to continue conversations and relax after all the sun. It was at this moment where I discovered something I wasn’t expecting to.

Our friend’s father and I began discussing about unique strong women, and as both of our mothers had passed away- they were instantly in our minds with great pride and admiration.

His mother was an elegant and strong woman, she held her values greatly and was always confident, beautiful, and true. She had many children to take care of on her own when her husband passed away- but she never let anything stop her. Strong and beautiful, she would always speak delicately, have her hair styled in a gorgeous updo, and provide for her children with delicious food, a comfortable home, and running her own business for her children.

He told me how each time he would look at her he could see the strength, power, and love just from her appearances alone. She had such a great image- one that leaves an impression and inspires others to become great.

She reminded me of my mother, and the image that she left with me and all that it has done for my life.

It is what my mother would always do. She would always be strong, she would always be confident, she would always believe in herself and in her child, and she would always believe in her image. She was someone people loved to be around, they were happy just to see her and feel her presence. She inspired them and made them feel confident, too.

Images last forever, and they play in our minds each time we think of someone. Making a powerful image for yourself comes with expanding your knowledge and practicing in what matters most to you.

Make your image strong and unique- and take inspiration in the others who do, too.

Sometimes our mothers give us so much more than we realize, and the memories and lessons live on with us forever.

It is up to us what we decide to do with those lessons and images.

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