Two Lions And An Angel

October 27, 2009

two lions

The other day we had such beautiful amounts of sunshine pouring into our home that we couldn’t resist going outside for a little sun by the pool.

There’s nothing unusual about this for us, but normally when I close my eyes and soak up the sun or read a book- instead, this time I soaked in my surroundings.

We are in a mid-rise luxury complex, and so my view from the pool was of the building and its many homes. The architecture is simple and elegant, and so the only thing that can really stand out from the building is the balconies.

Now, the balconies vary in size, but everywhere I looked I noticed the same thing, which was pretty much nothing. Empty balconies, maybe a chair here and there but nothing to catch the eye in the least. Some of these balconies may never even have been given the time of day from their owners.

Then there was one balcony, directly in front of the chair from which I was sitting. This was something to behold, and it caught my attention quickly. Two lions and an Angel- beautiful well placed statues graced their balcony, along with a large plant in either corner, and table and chairs in the center. Everything was placed with thought and you could see that it was often attended to. Wow, who were these people? They were someone I would like to meet.

The details were so well thought out- just the simple things. Elegant, clean, simple- they cared about their home and themselves greatly, and with purpose. In a crowd, they would gain my attention and curiosity in an instant- just as their balcony did. I am sure of it.

When we go out each and every day, we carry our own balconies- our own image. Does your “balcony” or image blend in unnoticed into the crowds, or is it one to be admired and gain respect for.

It is all in how much we pay attention to the details every day, and to take the time, the few moments, each day to enhance and strengthen who we are for the world to see.

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