“Every day people make instant decisions about you. If you’d like to make the majority of them positive, then Teresa Merchant will be your guide. She tells you what it takes to make people say ‘WOW’ after seeing you.”

Matt Furey
Author of Combat Conditioning

“Teresa Merchant has written an invaluable guide on how to improve your personal image for the greatest social and professional impact. People make decisions on us within the first thirty seconds of meeting us, so at a time when the world is facing unprecented turmoil and mass unemployment “The Importance of Image” provides the means to take control of your image and hence your life.

You will be empowered to think, dress, speak, breathe, look and act in a manner that will maximize your potential. Teach yourself self-confidence and self awareness by following the steps outlined in “The Importance of Image”. Learn the secrets that other successful, confident and wealthy individuals enjoy. This book will inspire, challenge and support you to make the choices to reflect your own increasingly abundant lifestyle.”

Gabrielle Teare
London’s Leading Personal Stylist and Image Consultant

“I’m walking through the shop floor at work one day, wearing this sweater with my black, wool carcoat over top… something about that image just about floored one of the ladies at work and all she could do was say “wow”.

Reading your book tied up some loose ends about image that I knew were out there. I’ve heard and applied some of Matt Furey’s magnetic mindpower and John Alanis’ attraction secrets, but I definitely learned some new things from you. And like I mentioned, reading the book did a great job of bringing mindset, body and image all together..”

Andy Moose
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“Teresa Merchant has set the perfect tone; “The Importance of Image” is not only about your physical appearance, it is also about the aura that surrounds you. Knowing who you are and what makes you look and feel your best, is vital to the image that you portray.

Whether you are seeking to improve your image for an upcoming interview, internship or for the most important social event of the year, this gem of a book will guide you on how to put your best foot forward, literally. “The Importance of Image” is a must – read for anyone that wants to find his or her own unique way on leaving a lasting impression that is worth being remembered.”

Gail Karas
Director of Special Events and Marketing Table8 Restaurants