One Goodbye Becomes Another Hello

October 27, 2009

Last night we had phone call from our neighbors inviting us out for a spontaneous evening at our favorite Japanese Restaurant. The timing was great and we welcomed this surprise eagerly- we love this place!

But this is not where the goodbye became another hello- that opportunity would be arriving as we returned home- and because of what all started at dinner.

About halfway through the evening, our neighbor’s daughter began discussing how her middle school graduation would be coming up soon. This would mean buying a dress just for the occasion, and perhaps one only for this occasion as well; she didn’t know how often a white formal dress would be worn by her.

I had mentioned to her that I have many white dresses, one in particular that would be perfect for her (with shoes to match, naturally) if she wanted to take a look. She was excited and relieved, yet she had no idea what else would become of this evening.

Once we returned home and the two of us escaped to play with my closet, I was reminded of a pair of shoes that, like the white ones I would be lending her, no longer fit me. Unfortunately, about two years ago my feet decided to change another full size up, leaving many of my favorite collection pieces to become merely a piece of art on my closet shelves.

One in particular I had difficultly letting go of was a brown pair of Prada heels- with a very  distinctive heel design and the softest leather you can imagine. I adore these shoes, but even though I no longer could fit in them I kept them for the memories and the way they made me feel.

Well, with her in the room and realizing how I had forgotten about them until now- it was clear to me that it was time for them to move on to another. At first, I just let her try them on to see how she felt about them and how she felt with them on her.

WOW, they fit her perfectly and she had never felt leather like it before- she was mad about them, and instantly her posture straightened and her smile and face were glowing.

“They’re yours, keep them,” I said to her.

I didn’t think her eyes or smile could get any wider than they already were- but wow, she looked so confident and so happy I knew I had done them right thing.

Passing along a “piece of confidence” can happen in many different ways- from items we can hold or wear, to stories that inspire us, or being included in lessons hidden from the rest of the world.

All those little things add up, and it is the small things that matter to us. When we think of them we smile.

That is what the lessons my Mother and Aunt passed on to me are- a powerful collection of pieces of confidence. The stories, rules, and lessons that change the way you walk and feel- making you smile with confidence from the inside out.

They are the lessons I include in the “Bombshell Beauty Grand Collection” to inspire and guide others with the greatness they have given me.

I’ll never forget the memories of those Prada shoes, they are still alive and active, but now as I say goodbye to them living in my closet, I watch them say hello to a whole new memory and life.

Best Regards,

Teresa Merchant
“Bombshell Kitten”

PS- Sometimes we find more inspiration than we go out to seek, we expect answers to some of our questions and then discover a new world that has been waiting for us.

When you seek to improve your confidence, your confidence rewards you greater than first imagined.

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