It Isn’t A Party Until…

October 27, 2009

Last night Timothy and I enjoyed a wonderful party- one that we will remember big smiles and plenty of laughs.

I love how one party turns into meeting old friends, creating new ones, and new parties to do the same.

Late last year we attended what was Timothy’s 20 year high school reunion. Needless to say, there were many faces that I would not know, mostly all of them. But I had such a wonderful time meeting all of these new people who shared so many memories with Timothy. The stories and laughter made room for plenty of new ones.

On that night, Timothy connected with an old friend he hadn’t seen in nearly twenty years; his wife, who had gone to a different school and was lost in the sea of unfamiliar faces along with me- well, we instantly had a bond and made an especially grand evening out of the event.

Skip forward to last night, and we were delighted to attend a party in celebration of Timothy’s high school friend’s 40th birthday party- and what a party!

His wife, an amazing lady who knows the secrets to hosting a gorgeous party while attending to her guests with ease, truly made this an event to remember.

Everything was presented so beautifully and the appetizers were stirring up all sorts of conversations. She really went for the details too- and they were greatly appreciated by the guests, we all felt so cared for and important- not to mention making it easier for the evening to move along- We didn’t know anyone who would be attending. But being the great host she was- this was not a problem at all, in fact it became such a treat.

She knew how to introduce her guests and make them feel at home, and the conversations were just growing one after the other after the other. Within moments we were all having a blast as if we had known each other forever.

Stories were told, cocktails enjoyed- some delicious margaritas especially, and even cigars were had. The music was so perfect before we knew it we were all dancing and having a ball.

It isn’t a party until the cops show up, right?

No, no one got arrested or in any sort of trouble, but we did get some attention for the music, which made us all only remember the party more. And on good terms. We laughed and continued on, keeping everything in check- the party moved on flawlessly.

But that is the beauty if being a great host- constantly in control, at ease, and bringing delight and comfort to your guests for memories to be shared and treasured by all.

We made so many new friends last night, it was such a treat! And to be able to do it all under the comfort of a lovely party is even better.

We are all looking forward to many more parties in our future, and who knows who we will meet next. We’ll be ready!

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