Are You Some Kind Of Fairy Tale?

Just this morning, someone sent me a message asking me this very question: “Are you some kind of fairy tale?”

In this message they were referring to my interests, lifestyle, and knowledge in skills. I had to laugh and smile, but then it got me thinking. Am I a real life fairy tale? I must say I kind of like that.

Fairy tales are stories of our dreams, imaginations, and often lead to overcoming fears and situations so that we may reach our desires and live happily ever after.

I can definitely say that about my life!

There were many things to overcome including many tragedies and hardships. But because I have always believed in myself, and in my principles- I did what was needed to reach my goals and my dreams.

I knew when there was something I had to overcome, I needed to focus on learning what to do and then take action!

And now I am living a fairy tale life- that is to say, the life I want and have always wanted and dreamed about. I made it my own reality.

And I credit the skills and techniques I discovered for strengthening my confidence and keeping true to my image. These secrets have given me so much, and so now I provide them in the Bombshell Beauty Grand Collection.

What are you doing to make your Fairy Tale a reality- Are you focusing on what you want and taking the actions needed to see them through?

Sometimes we need the guidance of others to revive those dreams and make them a reality.

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Change Places! Are You A Mad Hatter?

"Change Places!"

Perhaps my mind was playing in Wonderland, but the other day I found myself in the role of the Mad Hatter, exclaiming “Change Places!” to my furniture.

Well, maybe not out loud but I was definitely thinking it inside my head. I like to move the furniture in my house every now and then. It isn’t that there is something wrong with the way it looks, it is just that my attitude and focus has changed, and so my environment must change with it.

Moving furniture around isn’t the only way to change your scenery, you can do so mentally as well. It’s about gaining a new perspective and keeping your mind entertained and focused. Our minds and bodies are constantly growing in new directions, and as we move forward and advance, so must our surroundings.

This involves anything and everything from the motions of your routines, the people you surround yourself with, the food you keep in your house, and how you relate to those around you.

If you are feeling uncomfortable in a certain area of your life, or feel you are lacking confidence- what are you doing to change it for the better?

Staying in the same place will only keep you there, sooner or later it is time to make a move- a change, and increase your confidence and happiness.

So challenge yourself to do something and change your settings into one of success for your confidence, your beauty, and your career. It’s your success and it is waiting for you to call it. You don’t have to do it alone either, there is always a coach available to guide you along the way. Polish up those areas in which you have been avoiding, bring some fresh light into view and take control of who you are.

The Bombshell Beauty Grand Collection

Much Love and Best Regards,

Teresa Merchant
“Bombshell Kitten”

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Two Lions And An Angel

two lions

The other day we had such beautiful amounts of sunshine pouring into our home that we couldn’t resist going outside for a little sun by the pool.

There’s nothing unusual about this for us, but normally when I close my eyes and soak up the sun or read a book- instead, this time I soaked in my surroundings.

We are in a mid-rise luxury complex, and so my view from the pool was of the building and its many homes. The architecture is simple and elegant, and so the only thing that can really stand out from the building is the balconies.

Now, the balconies vary in size, but everywhere I looked I noticed the same thing, which was pretty much nothing. Empty balconies, maybe a chair here and there but nothing to catch the eye in the least. Some of these balconies may never even have been given the time of day from their owners.

Then there was one balcony, directly in front of the chair from which I was sitting. This was something to behold, and it caught my attention quickly. Two lions and an Angel- beautiful well placed statues graced their balcony, along with a large plant in either corner, and table and chairs in the center. Everything was placed with thought and you could see that it was often attended to. Wow, who were these people? They were someone I would like to meet.

The details were so well thought out- just the simple things. Elegant, clean, simple- they cared about their home and themselves greatly, and with purpose. In a crowd, they would gain my attention and curiosity in an instant- just as their balcony did. I am sure of it.

When we go out each and every day, we carry our own balconies- our own image. Does your “balcony” or image blend in unnoticed into the crowds, or is it one to be admired and gain respect for.

It is all in how much we pay attention to the details every day, and to take the time, the few moments, each day to enhance and strengthen who we are for the world to see.

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It Isn’t A Party Until…

Last night Timothy and I enjoyed a wonderful party- one that we will remember big smiles and plenty of laughs.

I love how one party turns into meeting old friends, creating new ones, and new parties to do the same.

Late last year we attended what was Timothy’s 20 year high school reunion. Needless to say, there were many faces that I would not know, mostly all of them. But I had such a wonderful time meeting all of these new people who shared so many memories with Timothy. The stories and laughter made room for plenty of new ones.

On that night, Timothy connected with an old friend he hadn’t seen in nearly twenty years; his wife, who had gone to a different school and was lost in the sea of unfamiliar faces along with me- well, we instantly had a bond and made an especially grand evening out of the event.

Skip forward to last night, and we were delighted to attend a party in celebration of Timothy’s high school friend’s 40th birthday party- and what a party!

His wife, an amazing lady who knows the secrets to hosting a gorgeous party while attending to her guests with ease, truly made this an event to remember.

Everything was presented so beautifully and the appetizers were stirring up all sorts of conversations. She really went for the details too- and they were greatly appreciated by the guests, we all felt so cared for and important- not to mention making it easier for the evening to move along- We didn’t know anyone who would be attending. But being the great host she was- this was not a problem at all, in fact it became such a treat.

She knew how to introduce her guests and make them feel at home, and the conversations were just growing one after the other after the other. Within moments we were all having a blast as if we had known each other forever.

Stories were told, cocktails enjoyed- some delicious margaritas especially, and even cigars were had. The music was so perfect before we knew it we were all dancing and having a ball.

It isn’t a party until the cops show up, right?

No, no one got arrested or in any sort of trouble, but we did get some attention for the music, which made us all only remember the party more. And on good terms. We laughed and continued on, keeping everything in check- the party moved on flawlessly.

But that is the beauty if being a great host- constantly in control, at ease, and bringing delight and comfort to your guests for memories to be shared and treasured by all.

We made so many new friends last night, it was such a treat! And to be able to do it all under the comfort of a lovely party is even better.

We are all looking forward to many more parties in our future, and who knows who we will meet next. We’ll be ready!

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What My Mother Would Always Do

This past weekend turned up many lovely surprises and memories, and Sunday was no exception.

Timothy’s mother was traveling out of town and as my mother has passed away it is often a quiet and reflecting day.

We were kindly invited by a friend of ours to spend the day with his family, who we are very fond of- we enjoy our time with them, but this time I discovered something new and unexpected.

It all started simple enough with beers and cocktails by the pool as we soaked up some delightful sun rays. The children were playing in the pool and then someone near us out of no where brings a box of Popsicles for us all. Wow, I couldn’t remember the last time I had the old fashioned Popsicle! I had to indulge.

Then another treat appeared- our friends had brought cigars to share with us for a lovely afternoon together. I do love a nice cigar as I find them very relaxing, and it is an even greater experience when you have the friends to enjoy them with.nOne of the neighbors was very surprised by this, and said “I’ve never met a lady who enjoyed cigars before!”

To which my friend answered, “Teresa is a very unique lady- which is why we like her!”

As we finished our cigars we returned to the house to continue conversations and relax after all the sun. It was at this moment where I discovered something I wasn’t expecting to.

Our friend’s father and I began discussing about unique strong women, and as both of our mothers had passed away- they were instantly in our minds with great pride and admiration.

His mother was an elegant and strong woman, she held her values greatly and was always confident, beautiful, and true. She had many children to take care of on her own when her husband passed away- but she never let anything stop her. Strong and beautiful, she would always speak delicately, have her hair styled in a gorgeous updo, and provide for her children with delicious food, a comfortable home, and running her own business for her children.

He told me how each time he would look at her he could see the strength, power, and love just from her appearances alone. She had such a great image- one that leaves an impression and inspires others to become great.

She reminded me of my mother, and the image that she left with me and all that it has done for my life.

It is what my mother would always do. She would always be strong, she would always be confident, she would always believe in herself and in her child, and she would always believe in her image. She was someone people loved to be around, they were happy just to see her and feel her presence. She inspired them and made them feel confident, too.

Images last forever, and they play in our minds each time we think of someone. Making a powerful image for yourself comes with expanding your knowledge and practicing in what matters most to you.

Make your image strong and unique- and take inspiration in the others who do, too.

Sometimes our mothers give us so much more than we realize, and the memories and lessons live on with us forever.

It is up to us what we decide to do with those lessons and images.

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One Goodbye Becomes Another Hello

Last night we had phone call from our neighbors inviting us out for a spontaneous evening at our favorite Japanese Restaurant. The timing was great and we welcomed this surprise eagerly- we love this place!

But this is not where the goodbye became another hello- that opportunity would be arriving as we returned home- and because of what all started at dinner.

About halfway through the evening, our neighbor’s daughter began discussing how her middle school graduation would be coming up soon. This would mean buying a dress just for the occasion, and perhaps one only for this occasion as well; she didn’t know how often a white formal dress would be worn by her.

I had mentioned to her that I have many white dresses, one in particular that would be perfect for her (with shoes to match, naturally) if she wanted to take a look. She was excited and relieved, yet she had no idea what else would become of this evening.

Once we returned home and the two of us escaped to play with my closet, I was reminded of a pair of shoes that, like the white ones I would be lending her, no longer fit me. Unfortunately, about two years ago my feet decided to change another full size up, leaving many of my favorite collection pieces to become merely a piece of art on my closet shelves.

One in particular I had difficultly letting go of was a brown pair of Prada heels- with a very  distinctive heel design and the softest leather you can imagine. I adore these shoes, but even though I no longer could fit in them I kept them for the memories and the way they made me feel.

Well, with her in the room and realizing how I had forgotten about them until now- it was clear to me that it was time for them to move on to another. At first, I just let her try them on to see how she felt about them and how she felt with them on her.

WOW, they fit her perfectly and she had never felt leather like it before- she was mad about them, and instantly her posture straightened and her smile and face were glowing.

“They’re yours, keep them,” I said to her.

I didn’t think her eyes or smile could get any wider than they already were- but wow, she looked so confident and so happy I knew I had done them right thing.

Passing along a “piece of confidence” can happen in many different ways- from items we can hold or wear, to stories that inspire us, or being included in lessons hidden from the rest of the world.

All those little things add up, and it is the small things that matter to us. When we think of them we smile.

That is what the lessons my Mother and Aunt passed on to me are- a powerful collection of pieces of confidence. The stories, rules, and lessons that change the way you walk and feel- making you smile with confidence from the inside out.

They are the lessons I include in the “Bombshell Beauty Grand Collection” to inspire and guide others with the greatness they have given me.

I’ll never forget the memories of those Prada shoes, they are still alive and active, but now as I say goodbye to them living in my closet, I watch them say hello to a whole new memory and life.

Best Regards,

Teresa Merchant
“Bombshell Kitten”

PS- Sometimes we find more inspiration than we go out to seek, we expect answers to some of our questions and then discover a new world that has been waiting for us.

When you seek to improve your confidence, your confidence rewards you greater than first imagined.

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A Glass Of Surprise Inspiration

A Glass Of Inspiration

Late last night my fiance, Timothy, and I returned home after some lovely travels. Nothing extreme, just a quick visit to Tampa for some meetings- and time with friends!

Each time we attend these meetings, it has become a tradition for a group of us to all leave the hotel and go out for an amazing dinner at our favorite fine dining restaurant- and each time the group grows larger and more excited than the last.

All these meetings can stir up quite the appetite, and having a chance to sit back, relax, enjoy a glass of wine and talk amongst friends is what it is all about. And it is amazing what you can find out about those around you from  something as simple and wonderful as dinner.

Wine- we quickly discovered that all of us loved wine at the table and were ready for a glass. But then as conversations began and names were spoken from the list- something different happened.

Instead of everyone keeping to themselves, privately ordering a glass and then continuing on… we explored through conversation.

“You know, I’ve never been able to tell the difference between white wines, they all look the same to me and I never know what to expect,” a friend sitting next to me casually says just thinking out loud to himself.

It was at that moment something magical happened- I began informing him of a few simple characteristics to look for and we started to discover what he liked and had recognized in the past. He was excited- and ready to see these tips in action.

A treat was that this restaurant offers wine flights- in this case three glasses, each with a 2oz pour so that you can taste various styles of wines, and they let you chose any on the list. We decided to go for two flights all of various white wines so that he could see side by side what he liked and what to look for.

On his own, from just the few words we shared before the tasting, he was an instant master!

“Wow, this one is so crisp and has a spice- I’ll have to remember that, I like this!” and then..

“Oh, wow- well these three all have this same quality, and I know now I definitely do not like it! I’m glad I tried it and know what to avoid in the future, what an amazing experience!”

I let him know that he could find more of these tips and techniques in the “Bombshell Beauty Grand Collection”- and he was excited to discover more and then quickly jump on all the red wine varietals.

All this excitement drew attention at the table and before I knew it he was telling the story of each wine to those around him, allowing those who wanted a taste to do so. They were amazed at his wine knowledge and confidence at the table.

I could see him smile thinking the same, and delighted how easy and fun it all was.

It made me smile too and enjoy my wine with my friends even more, I love when the simplest of things can create the greatest of experiences.

Much Love and Best Regards,

Teresa Merchant
“Bombshell Kitten”

PS – Yes, even men adore what the “Bombshell Beauty Grand Collection” has to offer. The principles and style guides
include a place for gentlemen, too- and I keep the beauty secrets for the ladies still included because all men have women in their lives who can benefit from it.

Perhaps it is a daughter, sister, spouse, cousin, or friend- it gives them a new appreciation and something to share with those closest to them.

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