Are You Some Kind Of Fairy Tale?

October 27, 2009

Just this morning, someone sent me a message asking me this very question: “Are you some kind of fairy tale?”

In this message they were referring to my interests, lifestyle, and knowledge in skills. I had to laugh and smile, but then it got me thinking. Am I a real life fairy tale? I must say I kind of like that.

Fairy tales are stories of our dreams, imaginations, and often lead to overcoming fears and situations so that we may reach our desires and live happily ever after.

I can definitely say that about my life!

There were many things to overcome including many tragedies and hardships. But because I have always believed in myself, and in my principles- I did what was needed to reach my goals and my dreams.

I knew when there was something I had to overcome, I needed to focus on learning what to do and then take action!

And now I am living a fairy tale life- that is to say, the life I want and have always wanted and dreamed about. I made it my own reality.

And I credit the skills and techniques I discovered for strengthening my confidence and keeping true to my image. These secrets have given me so much, and so now I provide them in the Bombshell Beauty Grand Collection.

What are you doing to make your Fairy Tale a reality- Are you focusing on what you want and taking the actions needed to see them through?

Sometimes we need the guidance of others to revive those dreams and make them a reality.

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