Teresa Merchant is the author of “The Importance of Image”, How To Succeed In Anything By Looking Great Along The Way. Teresa began her enthusiasm of image as a young child and continued to study and develop her skills in image through her experience as both a fashion model and maitre’d. Having gone through formal schooling on image and etiquette as well as being educated on the subject from home, she is constantly putting her knowledge to use coaching others. As an image expert, she continues to strengthen the images of others, helping them gain the success they desire and reveal the power in their new found success and happiness.


My loves include all things fashion and gastronomy. From delicious bites, beautiful wines, diamonds, furs, luxurious spirits and the most fabulous of shoes and designs, it is what I live for and find excitement in most out of life.

Growing up I lived in the guidance and studies of my mother and aunt- both beautiful, intelligent, and incredible chefs constantly entertaining their loved ones and business associates. Etiquette and education were of great importance, image of course being among them.

From my experience in working as both a Fashion Model and a Maitre’D to a fine dining restaurant I have learned many secrets and tricks of the trade from all angles. Having been fortunate with so many influences, I have created quite a number of my own secrets and techniques which have treated me very well.

My work and leisure have taken me to Paris, Nice, Provence, Cote d’Azur, Madrid, Barcelona, New York, Las Vegas, and Miami-which has been home to me for quite some time- and constantly growing with new experiences. With the friends I have made and the secrets I know I am happy to share them here for you to indulge upon as well.

I am very grateful for all the little things in life, as well as the big things. too. I am fortunate to have such a wonderful fiance with whom to enrich my life with, as well as all the wonderful followers who share my interest in all things food, fashion, elegance, travel, luxury, and happiness.

As the world is constantly moving, I encourage you to share your own found secrets and gems as well. Nothing is too small.