A Glass Of Surprise Inspiration

October 27, 2009

A Glass Of Inspiration

Late last night my fiance, Timothy, and I returned home after some lovely travels. Nothing extreme, just a quick visit to Tampa for some meetings- and time with friends!

Each time we attend these meetings, it has become a tradition for a group of us to all leave the hotel and go out for an amazing dinner at our favorite fine dining restaurant- and each time the group grows larger and more excited than the last.

All these meetings can stir up quite the appetite, and having a chance to sit back, relax, enjoy a glass of wine and talk amongst friends is what it is all about. And it is amazing what you can find out about those around you from  something as simple and wonderful as dinner.

Wine- we quickly discovered that all of us loved wine at the table and were ready for a glass. But then as conversations began and names were spoken from the list- something different happened.

Instead of everyone keeping to themselves, privately ordering a glass and then continuing on… we explored through conversation.

“You know, I’ve never been able to tell the difference between white wines, they all look the same to me and I never know what to expect,” a friend sitting next to me casually says just thinking out loud to himself.

It was at that moment something magical happened- I began informing him of a few simple characteristics to look for and we started to discover what he liked and had recognized in the past. He was excited- and ready to see these tips in action.

A treat was that this restaurant offers wine flights- in this case three glasses, each with a 2oz pour so that you can taste various styles of wines, and they let you chose any on the list. We decided to go for two flights all of various white wines so that he could see side by side what he liked and what to look for.

On his own, from just the few words we shared before the tasting, he was an instant master!

“Wow, this one is so crisp and has a spice- I’ll have to remember that, I like this!” and then..

“Oh, wow- well these three all have this same quality, and I know now I definitely do not like it! I’m glad I tried it and know what to avoid in the future, what an amazing experience!”

I let him know that he could find more of these tips and techniques in the “Bombshell Beauty Grand Collection”- and he was excited to discover more and then quickly jump on all the red wine varietals.

All this excitement drew attention at the table and before I knew it he was telling the story of each wine to those around him, allowing those who wanted a taste to do so. They were amazed at his wine knowledge and confidence at the table.

I could see him smile thinking the same, and delighted how easy and fun it all was.

It made me smile too and enjoy my wine with my friends even more, I love when the simplest of things can create the greatest of experiences.

Much Love and Best Regards,

Teresa Merchant
“Bombshell Kitten”

PS – Yes, even men adore what the “Bombshell Beauty Grand Collection” has to offer. The principles and style guides
include a place for gentlemen, too- and I keep the beauty secrets for the ladies still included because all men have women in their lives who can benefit from it.

Perhaps it is a daughter, sister, spouse, cousin, or friend- it gives them a new appreciation and something to share with those closest to them.

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