Who Else Wants To Throw Their Insecurities Out The Window And Be Admired As A
Brilliant And Beautiful Bombshell?

Gain the attention and respect from both men and women by discovering the rules that were never taught in school, with techniques you can actually put into action right away.

Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be admired the instant you walk into a room?

Or wish you knew what to say or do with your hands and body when making introductions?

Do you want to feel your doubts and fears go away and be replaced by a real and strong self-image?


People are constantly trying to bring us down, even the ones who love us. They don’t always mean to, but their words and actions can make us forget what is important- or even true, and keep us from moving forward on our hopes and dreams.

If you have ever had someone tell you that your ideas are unrealistic or shouldn’t even be bothered with, you know how it feels. Even worse is when someone makes a crude comment towards you out of nowhere.

It hurts. And especially when it comes from the people closest to you. Their opinions can catch us off guard and leave us with all these uncertainties. There is nothing like the stuck feeling you get when you don’t have that honest-to-goodness support backing you up.

It’s not that you want to be stuck, or even want to feel like others have made such an impact on you. It is okay if their words have gotten to you before- those claws go in deep, and it’s not your fault. We have all let it happen to us at one point.

When you don’t know the simple techniques to protect and enhance your confidence, it’s like being thrown out to a pack of hungry wolves. It’s no wonder you feel the way you do.

And those feelings don’t have to stay with you. The gem hidden inside all of this is that thankfully- this is a present in disguise. I personally never expected the worst feelings given to me by others to suddenly become the push for greatness I needed. It surprised me and came as a relief to get this burden off of my shoulders.

And even better is when I discovered ways to prevent those feelings from returning- or even new ones from lingering, while increasing my confidence all at once. I now know how to protect myself and most importantly, my self-image.


What Do You Have To Do?


Because every part of this focuses on you strengthening your character and attitude, what you have to ends up being fun along the way. These are actions you can feel good about while you put them into practice- you are making yourself better than ever.

It is the small things we do for ourselves each and every day to improve our happiness and confidence that make results. If you want to be brilliant and beautiful, then you must educate yourself and put things into practice. A lady of elegance is noticed for her constant graces seen in action. And the more you understand and feel true within your body, the more radiant and natural you become.

Take One Small Action Each Day

If you only do one small thing- it makes a world of difference! Small, seemingly simple actions grow over time to become the qualities we love best about ourselves. And the qualities others admire in us.

Now, the one thing that can change it all has to do with how you think. If you want to grow into something great, then you must be willing to give yourself the chance. You must have a belief in yourself. You must believe you can develop the best of yourself. If you can imagine it, then you can be it.

Know What You Want To Achieve

Fortunately we are able to have guidance bring out our own discoveries. And what I mean by that is this-

It has to be our own mind that has the realization, the eyes opened, the true understanding, the determination and want. BUT, since we don’t know what we don’t know until we… well, know- guidance from those with experience and knowledge can bring us to the realization we were looking for.

You know you want something- an image, something to feel proud of about yourself as you go about your business. That special something that makes you a respected lady of elegance, Something that can bring you to higher goals and acheivements.

Knowing what you want to achieve is part of it all. You don’t have to know everything right now- there is always room to discover more. It’s part of life. And you discover it by giving yourself the opportunity to.

Take Lessons From Those Who Have Been There

This is a lesson on its own. When I was a small child, since even before my feet could reach the ground while sitting at the dinner table, my mother and aunt guided me and made their principles a part of my developement and life. Both my mother and aunt were intelligent and beautiful ladies who lived these principles of elegance and confidence to the highest potential.

My aunt was born in Austria and raised with strict manners. When she arrived in America, she had to make a new beginning, carrying only her principles with her. From that new beginning, she created a successful business and was admired and respected by the community as an elegant and brilliant lady.

She and my mother would host the most elaborate parties, with every detail taken care for. And me as a small child in this household, I would have my role to see that everything was looked after as well. They would include me in all their motions, letting me participate where appropriate, watch carefully in instances where I was too young, and show me how important these principles are to life.

My dad, a genius chess master, always made sure I was never in the dark when it came to expanding my knowledge. It may have frustrated me at times then, but now I am forever grateful for those techniques and lessons. He gave me a beautiful balance to add to what my mother and aunt would show me.

As I grew older, they gave me more lessons, more stories, and more instances for me to participate. It became a natural part of who I was, and was a huge factor to my confidence. It also gave me the opportunities to succeed in all my dreams.


There Was A Time When I Was On My Own

For the first time at least. Both my mother and aunt passed away as I was nearing my late teens and getting ready to be on my own as it was. And so for me, being on my own for the first time, all I had was me.

All I had to show to the world was myself, as I was. No connections, no millions of dollars from mom and dad to fund me, no comprehensive resume wowing my competition. I had to start somewhere after all, and the only thing I could show for myself was myself. And I decided to make the most of it.

So off I went to find jobs in the industries that interested me. I was still very young at the time and this was my first job, without prior professional experience.

Imagine their surprise when a young lady they had never heard of came walking in with something different. I came with a strong image completely confident in who I was. Image being everything, their curiosity was piqued. You can bet I got their attention.


The Right Image Gets Doors To Open


I did not have a resume filled with experience, but I did know the rules of greetings and conversations. What you write on a piece of paper is one thing but how others see you before a word is even read on a resume is even more important.

After a couple years gaining some knowledge and experience it was time to move to Miami. I went without knowing a soul but confident that things would work out for the best

I made my first contact and went to interviews with so much success that within my first week, I had been accepted at five different places. I was able to chose where I wanted to live and work And that is a luxury.

People wanted me and my image. And it was image that opened the door.


What Separates You From Others Is Your Image.
What Is Yours Saying?


Whether you pay attention to it or not, it is there and is the first thing taken into consideration. You can let it work in your favor or you can let it work against you. It’s up to you. How you strengthen your image comes from having the right tools to guide you to the top.


Follow The Bombshell Beauty Principles So You Can
Gain Attention And Respect


Admiration, confidence, beauty, and power will radiate from you so you can become your own Bombshell Beauty Icon. A true icon- one that meets the qualities admired in your eyes.

Forget the Hollywood nonsense. Hollywood types will envy your beauty and grace! These principles are the reason I am as happy as I am, having accomplished my own dreams and constantly succeeding in new ones. I understand the Bombshell Beauty principles and the importance of image, and it has rewarded me greatly. Including what I am able to do for the people I love around me.

I’ve continued to live by these principles, letting them make me the very best me imaginable. And with these secrets you will be ready to


Be the elegant lady of your dreams

Having the confidence to make connections

Be on the VIP list to exquisite parties

Walk on red carpets

Pose for the press

Or even just to

Host an enjoyable evening with friends

Have a day at the races and a night at the opera

Make the interview you’ve been waiting for

Meet your new love interest’s friend and family

Make the most of your time to bring out your ideal dream image


If you want to become something great you must grab the golden opportunities yourself and not give up to be forever frustrated in the dark. Neglecting ourselves and ignoring such chances can put a heavy weight on us and cause us to forget what is important in our lives. It can happen without us even being aware.

And you don’t want to be miserable. You want to love what you do each day and feel great about it the whole way through.You want a make a difference in your world and leave an impact on those around you. You want to do something each day to contribute to who you are and your happiness.

Life brings us to interesting places, and the path is never perfect. It would be too dull if that were the case. Things happen, events take place, and it all leads us to who we are. How we chose to handle those events is the difference that makes some rise above and others fall deep.

We have all gone through difficult emotions and circumstances, it’s only natural. And it is part of what makes life so interesting. Hopefully you appreciate it more than you begrudge it.


Things happen for a reason and make us who we are.
We are to decide where it takes us.


And yes I know tragedy too. I know what it feels like to lose loved ones to disease, disasters, or from the cause of another’s hand. I know what it’s like to have your house burn in a fire and to lose everything you own.

But does that make me depressed and lost?

Of course not, I cherish my life and am so thankful to those who have played such a great role to me in it. I know what it feels like to live and appreciate all that comes with it- good or bad can be decided on how you view things. It all leads to who you are and that is a good thing. I am eternally thankful to my experiences. I also feel honored to have experienced and glimpsed into the lives of such wonderful and genuine people.

It only makes you stronger; And wil make your image stronger too. Conquer your emotions and create new ones that inspire and bring forth happiness and beauty into your life, and the lives of others.

Helping yourself become your best possible self is the true step to helping others. Because when you are strong with something great to offer, you are in a position to do greatness.

“You will be empowered to think, dress, speak, breathe, look and act in a manner that will maximize your potential. Teach yourself self-confidence and self awareness by following the steps outlined in “The Importance of Image”. Learn the secrets that other successful, confident and wealthy individuals enjoy. This book will inspire, challenge and support you to make the choices to reflect your own increasingly abundant lifestyle.”

Gabrielle Teare
London’s Leading Personal Stylist and Image Consultant

“Every day people make instant decisions about you. If you’d like to make the majority of them positive, then Teresa Merchant will be your guide. She tells you what it takes to make people say ‘WOW’ after seeing you.”

Matt Furey
Author of Combat Conditioning


It Is About Getting The Guidance
With The Right Tools To Get You There


These Bombshell Beauty principles are designed to directly affect your quality of life, self confidence, beauty, and even the success of your career

They are here so you will be able to do all the things you’ve wanted, to become the true person you are. So you can be filled with happiness and success and move forward at incredible speed.

I have put these secrets together in such a way that not only are they easy to understand, but they are also incredibly simple to put into action (very much the way my mother and aunt presented them to me). Explore and let them start working for you to bring you to higher places. After all, you’re worth it!

These secrets are the missing ingredient everyone is always looking for but don’t know where to go to find them. Lucky you to have found such a gem.

I present you with the Bombshell Beauty Grand Collection, designed to reveal your inner beauty and make it known to the world. For you to become your own Bombshell Beauty.


In the Grand Collection you will find the secrets to:

*Being ready at a moment’s notice

*Artfully knowing the rules and guidelines of greetings and conversations

*Secrets to enhancing your own natural beauty like the bombshell you are

*Revealing your inner icon

*Secret to gorgeous radiant skin and shiny beautiful hair

*Eliminating doubts, fears, or feelings of awkwardness

*Being a fabulous host or hostess to a successful glamorous party of your own

*Taking over your image in full control for success and beauty

*One word that will change how you look at make-up

*Gorgeous, elegant updos that are sure to WOW friends and only take a moment to do

*Finding the right direction for experimenting new looks for you

*Having fun and letting your creativity come out


I don’t want you to ever have to feel awkward or unsure again. And having this knowledge in your aresenal will make for comfortable and enjoyable experiences in everything you do.

The Bombshell Beauty Grand Collection includes all three courses showing you how to become a pretty and fabulous, classy, sophisticated lady. You will eliminate your fears, uncertainty, doubt and worries and gain a powerful radiant self image. You will become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Collection One
is called The Foundation. In it you’ll discover the history of beauty and etiquette. It will show you where it all comes from; the Bombshell Beauty principles, and the secrets to mastering greetings and conversations. This is the foundation of it all- from being ready at a moment’s notice to feeling confident and at ease in your own skin.

Collection Two is called Fashion, Beauty & Hair. This course reveals the guidelines for a secret weapon that will get you noticed and moving forward, a look into fashion and how to use dress codes and styles with purpose right away, a single word that changes the look of make-up, and step by step instructions on fabulous and elegant hairstyles and updos with pictures to guide you (even set up with some wiggle room to let you create your own fantastic new styles).

Collection Three
is called Wine and Food &Parties reveals what you need to know to understand wine and feel comfortable among experts- eliminating uncertainties and creating an enjoyable experience, dinner ideas for parties that don’t require hours of work or spending a fortune to have gourmet meals for your glamorous guests, and a look into party planning so that you may become a fabulous host or hostess and enjoy the experience from start to finish!


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